Get SNPs in a specified human chromosomal region
using NCBI eSearch and eFetch (NEW)

(This software is currently under development.)

This form will display information about SNPs specified either by SNP ID, or by a chromsome region. To find SNPs in a chromosome region it currently searches the XML version of NCBI's dbSNP database.

Find SNPs in a chromosome region by searching:
       NCBI Entrez (which returns SNPs with mappings unique to a single chromosome)

Choose among the following display options:

Enter a chromosome number and a base position range. Range values must be integer base location values larger than zero specifying a range less than 1 million bases. (Larger values may result in overloading the NCBI web servers.)

Chromosome number (one of 1-22, X, Y, MT):

Range beginning with , and ending with

Example: Chromosome 2, from position 1 to 20000

AND/OR enter a blank- or comma-separated list of Reference SNP IDs (such as "242,244" or "rs242,rs244"):


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